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April Prayer
Saturday, March 29th 2014

Ashbourne-Donaghmore Parish

April Prayer


Lord Jesus, this month we celebrate Your passion death and resurrection.  Like the crowds welcoming You to Jerusalem we can, at times, fail to appreciate the meaning of the events which accomplished our liberation from sin and our rebirth into the life of grace, and so we ask You to teach us, Lord.

Jesus, as Your human life draws to its close and You endure in Gethsemane the great struggle to accept crucifixion as Your Father’s will, we resolve to spend an hour with You, our Passover Lamb, to comfort You in Your desolation.  Help us to accept Your will for us even in suffering—mental, physical or spiritual.  Lord fill with hope all those tested by pain and sickness.

 Jesus, Universal King, You accepted the torture of being tried, stripped, scourged , mocked and crowned with thorns.  Our sins were heaped upon You, innocent lamb, before Your slaughter on Calvary.  There You poured out Your blood as grace and mercy for us.  At the eleventh hour You reassured the good thief that he too with all his sins forgiven would accompany You to Heaven that very day.

Jesus, as we venerate Your cross and renew our Baptismal Vows give us the grace of true conversion even though it be our eleventh hour.  Jesus, whose greatest attribute is mercy, call us and all sinners to meet You in the Sacrament of Reconciliation this Easter.  Grant us Your forgiveness, and the peace of knowing we are re-united to You.  May we love You and our neighbour with all our heart.  May those baptised this Easter keep their baptismal innocence until they meet you face to face. 

Risen Lord ,You sent Mary Magdalene, reformed sinner, to announce Your  resurrection to the apostles; grant that through her intercession Your priests may be faithful in following You and caring for Your people.

 Lord, as Spring unfolds we pray with Pope Francis that governments foster protection for creation—men, women, plants and animals, earth and ocean: and may they ensure just distribution of all natural resources.

 Sts. Mark, the evangelist and Catherine of Sienna pray for us that we may live in the joy of Easter and witness to the love and mercy of Jesus for us and all creation. Amen  




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