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Thursday, January 26th 2017

New Year’s Resolution

Let’s Get More Involved in Our Parish!


Every year, in the run up to New Year’s Day, most of us set about making New Year’s Resolutions.  These resolutions often include a new diet or a get-fit regime or giving up certain bad habits, volunteering for various charities etc. – all very noble efforts!  This year, why not consider making a new resolution in another important area of life, namely, in the active support of your local Christian community in our parish.  Our parish has many and varied ministries, all of which are in need of fresh volunteers, each with their own gifts of generosity and commitment to share with the Lord and with his people.

Please consider a way in which your time and enthusiasm and availability can give greater glory to God, and help to make our parish more vibrant, alive and inclusive?  Getting involved in one or more parish ministries is a great way to give back to the Lord and to serve others in your community.  Of course, being an authentic disciple of Christ isn’t all about our Sunday presence and action in Church, rather it shines out in every loving effort we make during the week.  However, using our gifts and time and talent for Christ and for his Church on Sundays is an excellent way to set up our whole week in service and in love.

BPlease think and pray this over, and then fill out the form below and return it to the Parish Office or place it in the collection basket during any Sunday Mass?  Contact will then be made by a member of the Parish Team.  Thank you for considering this urgent New Year Resolution to help bring our parish more alive!

Frs. Derek & Ciarán

New Year’s Resolution Form



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