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April Prayer 2015
Friday, April 3rd 2015

Divine MercyLord Jesus Christ, You came as man to free humanity from eternal banishment from our true home in Heaven.  As we commemorate the great events of that week of suffering which You endured unto death for us, we ask You to give us the grace of true knowledge of our sins and the experience of the great joy of forgiveness.

Jesus You told a friend of Your heart that You washed the feet of your Apostles to teach us how pure we must be to receive You in the Holy Eucharist.  You remind us that souls can recover their innocence in the Sacrament of Penance and Your priests and those consecrated to apostolic work, of the humility and gentleness with which they ought to treat sinners and those entrusted to their care.  Then, before You walked the rough road to Calvary, You hid Your divinity to become the very food of life for us without which we cannot become united to You.  Make us worthy to receive You often in Your sacrament of love.

By Your three falls You obtained for sinners the grace of conversion, encouragement for weak souls to rise again and the grace of repentance at the hour of death.  Give us the courage to avail of these graces no matter how great the guilt of sin that weighs on our conscience.

Lord Jesus as we celebrate Easter, we remember those who long to participate but through persecution, illness of mind or body, infirmity or other circumstance are unable to do so.  We ask Your Divine Mercy on them and on all who suffer in various ways throughout the world. Jesus, help us to avail of the Great Day of Atonement which You designated on the eight day  when You appeared in the upper room risen and glorious, with the two rays, red  and white, emanating  from Your pierced heart reminding us of baptism and penance, the sacraments of our deliverance.

Jesus King of the universe for whom all creation is the gift of The Heavenly Father, as we rejoice in Your resurrection we are conscious of the re-emergence of the plants and animals which have been dormant or hibernating during the winter, of the brighter evenings, warmer days, the bird song and blossoms that delight our spirits and we ask Your blessing on us and on all creation.  We pray for profound respect for all human beings from the first moment of conception to natural death and for the grace of gratitude for all the works of Your hand.

As many Christians experience war, famine, homelessness and persecution we pray that they may be consoled by the solidarity of the whole church joined in prayer with You Jesus, our Risen Lord.

Lord with the saints we pray that we may more fully appreciate Your love for us and become eager to spend time in Your presence.  With St Peter Chanel we pray for the  people of Oceania especially those affected by recent severe storms.  With  St. Louis de Montfort we ask for an appreciation of Mary in the work of salvation by meditating on the rosary.  With St. Catherine of Sienna we ask Your protection for Our Holy Father Francis and for all the peoples of Europe.  Amen




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