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August Parish Prayer
Monday, July 28th 2014

LDoveord, in the midst of so much war, suffering, famine, and distress of all kinds make us grateful for peace,
and the necessities of life and aware of the need to share the gifts You have given us. You have told us that we must show mercy in whatever way we can, that prayer is the most effective way to do so and is available to all. So, this month we pray in a special way for those who are suffering in war torn countries throughout the world, especially Israel and Palestine, Russia and Ukraine, and Syria. Lord Jesus, King of Peace, we pray for the leaders of all countries that they may pursue paths of lasting peace, bringing stability to troubled lands and the innocent victims of war—the elderly, women and children. For those persecuted for their faith and those who seek asylum far from their own countries and their own people, especially our fellow Christians in Mosul, Iraq. May their rights to freedom of religion always be protected. May world leaders not remain silent to the plight of persecuted Christians the world over.

We pray in thanksgiving for the good weather that has blessed these summer months. We pray for safety on our waterways and on our farms. May these summer months give us and our families an opportunity to unwind, relax recharge our bodies, minds and souls.

Transfigured Lord, You showed Your glory to Your apostles to strengthen them for future suffering. Comfort all who suffer in Your name with the hope of eternal glory. Sts. Teresa Benedict of The Cross and Maximilian Kolbe pray for those interned in refugee camps and prisons of all kinds at home and abroad. May the prayers of Sts John Vianney, Peter Julian Aymard and Pope Pius X bring us to a deeper appreciation of the necessity of Your gift of the Eucharist to sustain us on the journey. Lord, bless and protect your priests and make them holy. May those to whom they minister be their joy and consolation here, and in Heaven, their beautiful and everlasting crown.

Mary, Queen assumed into heaven console your children throughout the world as you did at Knock and bring them safely into the arms of Jesus. Humble, powerful ,eternal Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven and earth, pray for us that we may be made worthy of the promises of Jesus your Son.

Lord, You command us to evangelise the world. Through the merits of Sts John the Baptist and Bartholomew and the efforts of committed Christians may the gospel take root in fertile soil especially in Oceania.

Lord Jesus, in providing wine for the wedding in Cana You showed the importance marriage. Give those who marry this summer joy in their commitment and the assurance of Your grace when times are difficult. Amen.



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