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Buy a Brick Campaign!
Tuesday, January 30th 2018

Ashbourne-Donaghmore Parish recently twinned with Ikire Parish in Nigeria as it launched this year’s Confirmation Preparation Project.  The Parish’s needs are great and urgently require the construction of toilets and the provision of a well for clean running water and crop irrigation.

Students will receive many gifts, including the gifts of the Holy Spirit at the time of their Confirmation.  As families in our parish prepare for the World Meeting of Families, Confirmation students are invited to pledge a number of bricks from the money gifted  to them at Confirmation time which will assist in providing toilet facilities and running water for the children in Nigeria.  Each brick costs just €10!  €6,500 is required to complete the projects.

Who can help? 

Individual families, businesses, community groups etc..  Students can work together on initiatives to raise money: cake sales, sponsorship, personal pledges, coffee mornings etc.,

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