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October Monthly Prayer 2015
Tuesday, September 29th 2015

vegLord of the harvest, we thank You for the abundance of food grown in our land and we pray that in this era of globalisation, farmers and their families may be enabled to continue living and working on the land as they have done for generations.  Lord Jesus, we recall Your words ‘The harvest is great and the labourers few’ as we implore You to call many to dedicate their lives to Your service as priests and religious.  Jesus, grant them the courage to give up everything to follow You as did Your cousins ,the apostles Simon and Jude, and Luke, the doctor, who became Your evangelist.

St. Ignatius of Antioch, who faced death by wild beasts in the arena rather than renounce the faith, intercede for persecuted Christians as they face the danger of land and sea seeking refuge from war and oppression.  Pray that they may be received with love and compassion. Read on »


Parish Prayer September 2015
Saturday, August 29th 2015


Lord Jesus, the summer has passed so quickly and it is time for students to start or to return to school or college.  At the beginning of this new academic year we ask Your blessing on all students and their teachers that, through mutual respect and consistent work, young people may be enabled to reach their full potential whilst enjoying life and growing in maturity and grace.   Lord may no young person feel excluded in the school community.  Heavenly Father as You provided for the Holy Family; hear the prayers of parents who find this time a great financial burden and in Your kindness ease their anxiety. St. Vincent de Paul pray for them and inspire those who can afford to do so to support those in need.

Jesus, as we remember Your mother Mary’s birth, her name day and her sorrows this month, we ask that You send her and the Archangel Michael to rescue those fleeing war and persecution throughout the world.  We place medical and other aid workers under the care of the Syrian physicians Sts. Cosmas and Damian and ask Your blessing on their efforts.  Lord change the hearts of those who would exclude refugees and turn their backs on them from ‘hearts of stone to hearts of flesh.’  Help them to realise that need will never overtake those who welcome the stranger with the open arms of love. Read on »


Parish Prayer August 2015
Monday, August 3rd 2015


Lord our God, You are ever near us day and night whether we are at home or abroad, and in a tangible way in The Blessed Sacrament in The Tabernacle.  Help us to remember that we can call on Your help anytime and that You wait for us to answer Your invitation to visit You each Sunday and every day if possible.

Lord, we are united in a special way with Bishop Michael through the Annual Diocesan celebration of the dedication of The Cathedral of Christ the King.  We ask especially for the guidance of The Holy Spirit for our bishop, priests and deacons and all the people of the diocese through the intercession of St Bartholomew apostle and St. Lawrence deacon and martyr.

Lord Jesus, at the transfiguration on Mount Tabor before You suffered You showed Yourself in glory to Peter, James and John to strengthen them to witness the torture of Your passion and death.  Jesus, we ask that You comfort and strengthen all who are being persecuted and tortured for their loyalty to You. Read on »


Parish Prayer July 2015
Friday, June 26th 2015

fjghgLord Jesus another year has passed and the well earned holidays have begun.  We pray that all may travel safely and that the summer may be a time of rest and relaxation to be spent in the company of family and friends.  We especially commend to Your loving care those entering the world of work for the first time and we ask the guidance of the Holy Spirit for those choosing a career or who are discerning a vocation to the priesthood or religious life.

Heavenly Father we thank You for all Your gifts to us and especially for the food we eat.  Thank you for the rain which waters crops and animals and for the sunshine which ripens fruits and grain and which gives light and colour to our lives and to all creation.

Lord Jesus, this month we ask the protection of Your Most Precious Blood for us and for our country.  We ask the intercession of St. Oliver Plunkett, bishop and martyr, that mutual respect and civil restraint prevail especially in Northern Ireland. Read on »


June Parish Prayer
Saturday, May 30th 2015

OL and ChristLord Jesus Christ, truly present in the Blessed Eucharist, we adore Your Majesty hidden under the humble appearance of bread and wine.  Jesus, You Who said, “ Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe”, grant to all who are privileged to come into Your presence profound awareness of Your love for us and the firm commitment to serve in Your Kingdom by spreading Your Gospel of love.  Thank You Jesus for Your presence with us.

Lord, You who told Your disciples “Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect”, give us a great desire for holiness and the will to attain it by the practice of humility, charity, chastity and purity of intention.  May Your Body and Blood ,the pledge of eternal life for us, be our frequent nourishment.  We ask the intercession of Sts. Peter and Paul, with  the first martyrs of Rome, the Irish Martyrs and Sts. Thomas More and John Fisher for the strength to profess our faith without fear or favour.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus pierced by a lance on Calvary and from which poured out blood and water, You remind us by the mixing of the wine and water in the chalice at Mass that wine became Your Blood poured out for our redemption, and water, the fount of the living water of Baptism by which we become members of Your Body, The Church.

Mary, Mother of The Church on earth, gather us into the safe haven of your Immaculate Heart and protect us from the wiles of Satan.  As you prepared Mary Magdalen for her reconciling encounter with Jesus, intercede for us that we all may have a transformative encounter with Jesus and that many young people may be inspired by this to offer their lives to God in priesthood and consecrated life.

Holy Mary steeped in the Wisdom of God, you who taught the Son of God and who now sit at His right hand as Queen of the universe, pray for us.  May our island home, from which countless saints went abroad to evangelise the nations once again become the island of saints and scholars.  Pray for us Queen of peace that God may prevail over all adversity.

Heavenly Father, many men, women and children are suffering greatly as they flee from persecution of all kinds.  Open the hearts of those of us who live in freedom to welcome them with respect and dignity.  Through the prayers of Sts. John The Baptist and Columba may they also find You, true Father, Beloved Son, Redeemer and Comforter.  This we ask through Jesus Christ  Your Son Who lives and reigns with You, One God forever and ever Amen.



May Parish Prayer
Monday, April 27th 2015

mary & childrenMost Holy Trinity I believe in You, I hope in You and I love you.  I ask pardon for those who do not believe, do not hope and do not love You, the One and True God.

Lord Jesus, before You left Mary, Your Apostles and disciples on Mount Olivet at Your Ascension into Heaven, You told them to go out to the whole world and proclaim the Gospel baptising those who would believe, in the Name of The Father, and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit.  Through Mary’s intercession we ask to be re-clothed in the power of Your Holy Spirit this Pentecost so that together with all Christians in secularised cultures, we may be ready to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour of the world. Read on »


April Prayer 2015
Friday, April 3rd 2015

Divine MercyLord Jesus Christ, You came as man to free humanity from eternal banishment from our true home in Heaven.  As we commemorate the great events of that week of suffering which You endured unto death for us, we ask You to give us the grace of true knowledge of our sins and the experience of the great joy of forgiveness.

Jesus You told a friend of Your heart that You washed the feet of your Apostles to teach us how pure we must be to receive You in the Holy Eucharist.  You remind us that souls can recover their innocence in the Sacrament of Penance and Your priests and those consecrated to apostolic work, of the humility and gentleness with which they ought to treat sinners and those entrusted to their care.  Then, before You walked the rough road to Calvary, You hid Your divinity to become the very food of life for us without which we cannot become united to You.  Make us worthy to receive You often in Your sacrament of love. Read on »


March Prayer 2015
Wednesday, February 25th 2015

March prayer

Virgin Mary, you accepted the message of Gabriel the Archangel and humbly consented to become the Mother of God despite knowing that the scriptures foretold His Passion and death.  Help us to accept the will of God for our lives in the realisation that life is short and its trials will pass.

Help us to listen to the command of Jesus Your Son to love God and each other so that, having carried our crosses to the best of our abilities, we may merit to rise with Him to the joy and peace of Heaven.

Jesus, this month ends in the remembrance of Your triumphant entry into Jerusalem to undergo Your Passion and death which freed us from sin.  Grant us to know ourselves better and to do penance for our sins.  Give us the strength this Lent to persevere in our efforts to turn away from sin, to pray, fast and reach out to those in need in whatever way we can. Read on »


Parish Prayer February 2015
Friday, January 30th 2015

February Prayer

BrigidDear Lord, as green shoots appear and light lingers in the evenings we anticipate the arrival of Spring.  It is time to spring clean the house and tidy up the garden: time too to take stock of the state of my soul and the direction of my life.  Am I on the straight and narrow road listening for the call of the Good Shepherd who feeds me and leads me to rest and contentment?  Lord You remind me that it is only by listening to Your voice that I can hear the message of eternal life and enter into You peace.  Jesus, as Lent begins, help me to renew my Baptismal commitment to follow You by

spending time each day in prayer, visiting You in the Blessed Sacrament, attending Mass on Sunday and daily if possible, making the stations of the cross while meditating on Your sufferings for me, and renewing my sorrow for sin in the sacrament of confession. Read on »


January Prayer
Saturday, December 20th 2014

Lord our God, as the New Year begins, we place ourselves and those dear to us under the protection of Your providence.  Heavenly Father, we set out on the unknown  road of another year glad to have the opportunity to serve You in whatever way You wish.  Lord give us the grace to accept with quiet hearts whatever the New Year brings.  We thank you for the year just passed.  We offer the joys, the ups and downs, even the sorrows to Your Majesty in reparation for our sins and for the building of the Kingdom of Your Son Our Lord Jesus Christ in the hearts and minds of all people of good will.

Lord Jesus, the Magi brought You gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, symbols of Your godhead, kingship and future saving death.  May we learn from their profound respect to reverence You Jesus especially when we visit you in the church, attend Mass and receive You in Holy Communion.  As the Magi bowed before You so we genuflect before You hidden in the tabernacle.  We kneel or sit in silence listening to what you have to say to us, telling You of our needs and thanking You for the gifts You have given us.  Help us to pass on to our children the gift of reverence, silence and prayer in your presence. Read on »




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