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Parish Prayer April 2016
Friday, March 25th 2016

Heavenly Father we have celebqwrated the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Your only Son and our Redeemer and now we present ourselves and our loved ones to You in the Name of Jesus to receive Your Divine Mercy.

Jesus, when You appeared  to Your Apostles on the eight day after Your resurrection, You breathed on them and conferred on them the power to forgive sins in Your Name.  For two thousand years now Your Church has had the unique privilege of absolving repentant sinners and restoring  them to You grace.  And in these last times you have stressed the importance of  Your Mercy as you said to St. Faustina “Mankind will not have peace until it turns with trust  to My mercy and …out of Poland will come the spark that will prepare the world for My final  coming.  My Mercy excludes no one and …. is the last hope of  salvation.“  Lord You made it so easy for us by telling us that You only hide behind the priest when You came in person under the guise of the priest to hear Faustina’s confession.  Lord give us the gift of humility so that like Mary Magdalen we may experience the freedom and joy of Your Mercy.  Lord Jesus imbue Your priests with great love for and devotion to the sacrament of penance so that no sinner who sincerely wishes to return to You may go un absolved. Read on »


March Parish Prayer
Sunday, February 28th 2016

ghjDear Jesus in this Year of Mercy we prepare to celebrate the Feast of Easter by continuing our Lenten prayer, fasting and good works. We resolve to try to practice more fervently love of God and love of neighbour by prioritising time for Mass and for our families.  Instead of being distracted by sporting events, television, computer games, shopping and entertainments, Lord, may this time be a special time of renewal in spirit for us and for our families, a time to serve God instead of Mammon.  We ask Your help dear Jesus for those families who are in difficulties of various kinds be they financial, emotional or social.  May they receive the help they need to overcome their difficulties so that all children may grow up in a healthy and peaceful environment and in homes of their own.  We especially remember families of persecuted Christians everywhere that thanks to the incessant prayer of the Church they may remain strong and faithful to the Gospel.  Have mercy dear Lord on those refugees who find themselves in no man’s land and grant that they may receive sanctuary.

Jesus, as Catechumens discern Your call and prepare for Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation at Easter, may those in our parish and elsewhere be supported in prayer by the parish community as they answer Your call to “Come follow Me.”   This month we especially ask the intercession of St Patrick patron of Ireland to protect the seed of faith which he fostered with great love and zeal so that future generations of children may not be deprived of the opportunity to lean about You Jesus, living and True God, our Redeemer. Read on »


February Prayer
Saturday, February 6th 2016

Lord Our God, Creator of all that exists, we thank You for the wonders of creation and for all Your gifts to us.  We pray Your blessing on us and on all creation.  Help us to reverence, use wisely, and protect the earth You have given to us to sustain us, until by Your grace and mercy, we reach our permanent home in Heaven.

Lord, as we recall and celebrate the wonderful occasion of your Presentation in the Temple at Jerusalem, we ask that You enlighten our minds as You did those of Simeon and Anna to recognise You as the one and only Saviour of the world.  We ask that Mary, Your Mother and ours, hold us in the safety of her arms as she held you on that day so that we may never lose the gift of faith bestowed on us by Your grace.

As Lent approaches help us to resolve to put forth buds through good resolutions.  Lord , during Lent we willingly allow ourselves to be pruned by You to encourage us to produce the shoots from which will grow the fruits of virtue which You desire of us if we are to remain united to You, the True Vine.

We plead with You also for those of our loved ones and acquaintances whose shoots may have withered in the harshness of winter or been choked by thorns, and who desperately need Your special care.  In this we enlist the help of Your mother Mary, Blessed Michael the Archangel, all the choirs of angels, and of the saints whose feasts we celebrate this month. May Lent in this Year of Your Divine Mercy be a special time of grace for all.

ghjkMary, Our Mother, you appeared at Lourdes in 1858 and, since then, your motherly intercession has brought relief to souls sick and suffering from a myriad of mental, physical and spiritual ills.  Intercede for us that we may prioritise our need for right relationship with Jesus your Son, before all else, mindful of His admonition “Seek Ye first the kingdom of God and all else will be added unto you.“  Immaculate Mary, Virgin and Mother, ark of the covenant, who, though a human being like us in all things but sin, were privileged to conceive, give birth to, nurse, and care for the Son of God, pray for us now from heaven where you reign as Queen.  Mary, trusting child of God, blessed because you believed the promise made to you by the Lord would be fulfilled, pray for us that we too may have firm faith in the promises made to us by Jesus and be made worthy to attain them. Read on »


Parish Prayer January 2016
Tuesday, December 22nd 2015

qqqqLord Jesus, this new year we place ourselves and all humanity under Your protection and that of Mary, Your Most Holy Mother, our Queen of Peace.  We ask you Mary to pray for us that liberty, fraternal solidarity, and the dignity of all, especially the unborn and the vulnerable, be respected, particularly in our country.

Jesus, Son of God, saviour of the world, revealed to the gentiles by the Magi and to Israel at Your baptism by St. John, we adore Your Holy Name and ask pardon for those who abuse it.  During this Year Of Mercy we beg You Jesus to reveal Your Divine Mercy to us and all Christians, so that we may pursue the path of truth which leads to unity.  May sincere dialogue between men and women of different faiths produce the fruits of justice and peace. Read on »


December Parish Prayer
Monday, November 30th 2015

mjGod our Father we embark on the Advent journey to Bethlehem to celebrate birth of You Son Jesus the Messiah awaited from all ages.  It is a  journey of expectation, of conversion, of hope and fulfilment.

Father you willed that Jesus be born in Judea the land of King David His ancestor in the flesh.  And so You arranged that Mary and Joseph obey Caesar’s command to register in their ancestral home where You would provide a bed of straw in a stable and the company of an ox and a donkey whose breath would keep Him warm.

Lord Jesus, had You been born in Nazareth the angelic choir, the shepherds and the Magi would have attracted attention and Herod would have known of Your whereabouts.  Instead , a poor stable outside of Bethlehem was the perfect place for You to hear Your first angelic lullaby and to receive the gifts brought by the shepherds to You the Shepherd King.  And it was easier to escape from there into Egypt.  Jesus, we contemplate the circumstance of Your birth and we see the providence of Your Father, the same providence which provides for each one of us no matter how difficult the circumstances, and we remember those families who suffer, and pray that they may trust that in Your birth they will find the sign of hope.  Immaculate Virgin Mary, woman of great faith and humility, pray for us that we may imitate you in trusting that the promises of God will be fulfilled for us and come to recognise the providence of God in our lives. Read on »


November Parish Prayer
Friday, October 30th 2015

ctkChrist our King, Lord of the Universe, at the end of the liturgical year we thank You for the graces and blessings and even the trials of the past year in the knowledge that Your plan for our lives is the expression of Your will for our salvation.  Lord Jesus deepen our faith, strengthen our hope and enkindle our love for You and for our neighbour.  And so that we may reach the happiness You have prepared for us help up to love what You command even if at times it is difficult to stay on the narrow and stony path.

Mary, mother of all the saints help us to remain faithful to Jesus so as not to be numbered amongst those who caused His most intense suffering in Gethsemane because for them He  knew His death would be in vain.  Mother Mary keep us secure in your Immaculate Heart as we await the day when we will join our brothers and sisters in unimaginable happiness forever.  Meantime hear our prayers for the poor souls in Purgatory and remind them of our love for them as we remember them especially this month. Read on »


October Monthly Prayer 2015
Tuesday, September 29th 2015

vegLord of the harvest, we thank You for the abundance of food grown in our land and we pray that in this era of globalisation, farmers and their families may be enabled to continue living and working on the land as they have done for generations.  Lord Jesus, we recall Your words ‘The harvest is great and the labourers few’ as we implore You to call many to dedicate their lives to Your service as priests and religious.  Jesus, grant them the courage to give up everything to follow You as did Your cousins ,the apostles Simon and Jude, and Luke, the doctor, who became Your evangelist.

St. Ignatius of Antioch, who faced death by wild beasts in the arena rather than renounce the faith, intercede for persecuted Christians as they face the danger of land and sea seeking refuge from war and oppression.  Pray that they may be received with love and compassion. Read on »


Parish Prayer September 2015
Saturday, August 29th 2015


Lord Jesus, the summer has passed so quickly and it is time for students to start or to return to school or college.  At the beginning of this new academic year we ask Your blessing on all students and their teachers that, through mutual respect and consistent work, young people may be enabled to reach their full potential whilst enjoying life and growing in maturity and grace.   Lord may no young person feel excluded in the school community.  Heavenly Father as You provided for the Holy Family; hear the prayers of parents who find this time a great financial burden and in Your kindness ease their anxiety. St. Vincent de Paul pray for them and inspire those who can afford to do so to support those in need.

Jesus, as we remember Your mother Mary’s birth, her name day and her sorrows this month, we ask that You send her and the Archangel Michael to rescue those fleeing war and persecution throughout the world.  We place medical and other aid workers under the care of the Syrian physicians Sts. Cosmas and Damian and ask Your blessing on their efforts.  Lord change the hearts of those who would exclude refugees and turn their backs on them from ‘hearts of stone to hearts of flesh.’  Help them to realise that need will never overtake those who welcome the stranger with the open arms of love. Read on »


Parish Prayer August 2015
Monday, August 3rd 2015


Lord our God, You are ever near us day and night whether we are at home or abroad, and in a tangible way in The Blessed Sacrament in The Tabernacle.  Help us to remember that we can call on Your help anytime and that You wait for us to answer Your invitation to visit You each Sunday and every day if possible.

Lord, we are united in a special way with Bishop Michael through the Annual Diocesan celebration of the dedication of The Cathedral of Christ the King.  We ask especially for the guidance of The Holy Spirit for our bishop, priests and deacons and all the people of the diocese through the intercession of St Bartholomew apostle and St. Lawrence deacon and martyr.

Lord Jesus, at the transfiguration on Mount Tabor before You suffered You showed Yourself in glory to Peter, James and John to strengthen them to witness the torture of Your passion and death.  Jesus, we ask that You comfort and strengthen all who are being persecuted and tortured for their loyalty to You. Read on »


Parish Prayer July 2015
Friday, June 26th 2015

fjghgLord Jesus another year has passed and the well earned holidays have begun.  We pray that all may travel safely and that the summer may be a time of rest and relaxation to be spent in the company of family and friends.  We especially commend to Your loving care those entering the world of work for the first time and we ask the guidance of the Holy Spirit for those choosing a career or who are discerning a vocation to the priesthood or religious life.

Heavenly Father we thank You for all Your gifts to us and especially for the food we eat.  Thank you for the rain which waters crops and animals and for the sunshine which ripens fruits and grain and which gives light and colour to our lives and to all creation.

Lord Jesus, this month we ask the protection of Your Most Precious Blood for us and for our country.  We ask the intercession of St. Oliver Plunkett, bishop and martyr, that mutual respect and civil restraint prevail especially in Northern Ireland. Read on »




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