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December Parish Prayer
Monday, November 30th 2015

mjGod our Father we embark on the Advent journey to Bethlehem to celebrate birth of You Son Jesus the Messiah awaited from all ages.  It is a  journey of expectation, of conversion, of hope and fulfilment.

Father you willed that Jesus be born in Judea the land of King David His ancestor in the flesh.  And so You arranged that Mary and Joseph obey Caesar’s command to register in their ancestral home where You would provide a bed of straw in a stable and the company of an ox and a donkey whose breath would keep Him warm.

Lord Jesus, had You been born in Nazareth the angelic choir, the shepherds and the Magi would have attracted attention and Herod would have known of Your whereabouts.  Instead , a poor stable outside of Bethlehem was the perfect place for You to hear Your first angelic lullaby and to receive the gifts brought by the shepherds to You the Shepherd King.  And it was easier to escape from there into Egypt.  Jesus, we contemplate the circumstance of Your birth and we see the providence of Your Father, the same providence which provides for each one of us no matter how difficult the circumstances, and we remember those families who suffer, and pray that they may trust that in Your birth they will find the sign of hope.  Immaculate Virgin Mary, woman of great faith and humility, pray for us that we may imitate you in trusting that the promises of God will be fulfilled for us and come to recognise the providence of God in our lives.

Jesus this month the Year of Divine Mercy commences when we can avail of the Sacrament of Confession and the immense grace of not only having all our sins forgiven but all the sufferings of Purgatory as well.  Jesus, who never tires of forgiving us, help us to experience this great gift and to  bring others to Your Mercy too.

Jesus Mary and Joseph protect all families in this time of worldwide distress.  All the saints whose feasts we celebrate this month pray for us that we may be made worthy as you were of the promises of Christ.  Lord Jesus may this time of Advent be a new beginning for us all that in spite of the  stresses and trials of life we may prioritise the practice of the faith in the knowledge that all things will be added unto us.  With the Holy Innocents we pray for the welfare of all children born and unborn and for great joy for those parents who are expecting a child at this time.

We pray Lord for the protection of  our country from all evil that we may live in peace and harmony under Your law.

Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus. Amen.




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