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December Prayer
Tuesday, December 2nd 2014

Mary & JosephLord, Your Church enters the season of Advent in preparation to welcome You as our new born king.  With Mary, your Immaculate Mother, and St. Joseph her spouse, we reflect on the journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem.

How difficult it must have been for them to leave their little house, relatives and neighbours for such a long walk in the middle of winter.  How they must have endured cold,  fatigue and hunger, and what uncertainty about the future must have weighed on their minds.  Yet, Mary, you knew that the scriptures had to be fulfilled.  The Father had ordained that The Messiah, who would call Himself the Bread of Life, must be born in Bethlehem – the house of  bread.

So many closed their doors to You Jesus, yet the angels and the shepherds could not have celebrated Your birth had not providence provided an unwanted and remote cave for the wondrous event.  Jesus may we welcome You by preparing well through reception of the sacrament of penance and resolving to spend some time each day in personal and family prayer.

Lord, as we contemplate this mystery, hear our prayer for those who, forced to leave home, family and country because of war, disaster or financial need embark on dangerous journeys in search of safety and security.  Let us make an inn for the homeless in our hearts and in our community and with the angelic host and Pope Francis we ask peace and hope for people of good will.

Lord Jesus, the shepherds brought You birthday gifts of a little lamb and a warm fleece for Your manger cradle.  As our children eagerly anticipate Christmas, we pray that St. Nicholas may help parents to evangelise their children in the true meaning of Christmas.  May our children never become materialistic, but be blessed with the Christian values of contentment and generosity.

Dear Jesus, through the prayers of the saints whose feasts we celebrate this December, help us to realise that though the right road through life may be narrow, rocky and uphill at times, the journey is short and our destination is Heaven.  Jesus, we pray for eternal rest for our dear departed relatives and friends and ask Your comfort and consolation for those who grieve at this time.

Glory to God in the highest !  Come Lord Jesus , prince of peace. Amen



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