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February Prayer
Saturday, February 6th 2016

Lord Our God, Creator of all that exists, we thank You for the wonders of creation and for all Your gifts to us.  We pray Your blessing on us and on all creation.  Help us to reverence, use wisely, and protect the earth You have given to us to sustain us, until by Your grace and mercy, we reach our permanent home in Heaven.

Lord, as we recall and celebrate the wonderful occasion of your Presentation in the Temple at Jerusalem, we ask that You enlighten our minds as You did those of Simeon and Anna to recognise You as the one and only Saviour of the world.  We ask that Mary, Your Mother and ours, hold us in the safety of her arms as she held you on that day so that we may never lose the gift of faith bestowed on us by Your grace.

As Lent approaches help us to resolve to put forth buds through good resolutions.  Lord , during Lent we willingly allow ourselves to be pruned by You to encourage us to produce the shoots from which will grow the fruits of virtue which You desire of us if we are to remain united to You, the True Vine.

We plead with You also for those of our loved ones and acquaintances whose shoots may have withered in the harshness of winter or been choked by thorns, and who desperately need Your special care.  In this we enlist the help of Your mother Mary, Blessed Michael the Archangel, all the choirs of angels, and of the saints whose feasts we celebrate this month. May Lent in this Year of Your Divine Mercy be a special time of grace for all.

ghjkMary, Our Mother, you appeared at Lourdes in 1858 and, since then, your motherly intercession has brought relief to souls sick and suffering from a myriad of mental, physical and spiritual ills.  Intercede for us that we may prioritise our need for right relationship with Jesus your Son, before all else, mindful of His admonition “Seek Ye first the kingdom of God and all else will be added unto you.“  Immaculate Mary, Virgin and Mother, ark of the covenant, who, though a human being like us in all things but sin, were privileged to conceive, give birth to, nurse, and care for the Son of God, pray for us now from heaven where you reign as Queen.  Mary, trusting child of God, blessed because you believed the promise made to you by the Lord would be fulfilled, pray for us that we too may have firm faith in the promises made to us by Jesus and be made worthy to attain them.

We pray for the Church asking the intercession of St. Peter chosen by Jesus to represent Him through his successors until the end of time.  We pray for unity in faith and obedience to the commandments of God and the traditions handed down by the apostles.  We ask that efforts to evangelise all nations offering them the saving baptism of the Holy Trinity may bear fruit through dialogue and encounter, especially between Christians and the peoples of Asia.

In gratitude to God for the missionaries sent to Ireland in ancient times we honour St. Brigid co patron of Ireland and ask her intercession for all women religious that they may remain faithful to their calling to serve God in humility and joy despite the difficulties of these times. We ask for an increase in vocations to the consecrated life especially amongst contemplative orders that the power houses of prayer will continue to sustain the all sowers and reapers in the vineyard of the Lord.  Amen




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