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Gallery: The Empty Chair
Friday, November 16th 2012

Last Sunday, the Parish held a special Bereavement Service. The theme of the service was “The Empty Chair”.

The Empty Chair

Grief sometimes comes in empty chairs
or empty stares
and sometimes whispers
“why weren’t you there?
I needed you…”

Patience sometimes builds with empty chairs
and empty stares
and sometimes we wait
for love to come say,
“thanks… for waiting
and believing in me…”

The loneliness in empty chairs
and empty stares
forgotten dates
and poignant waits
is do-able
Yes. It really is…

God’s unseen Body sits across
in that empty chair
and loves
and listens
and waits
until we stop
to hear Him

— Deb Vaughn

Below is a selection of images from the service. Click on an image to enlarge it or start a slideshow.



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