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Good Friday – The Passion of the Lord
Friday, April 14th 2017

The image which dominates the church today painted by students from Ashbourne Community School takes its inspiration from the thirteenth station of the cross – Jesus is taken down from the cross.  It depicts the iconic image of the Turkish soldier holding the lifeless body of little Aylan Kurdi, a Syrian refugee.  On the right of the painting are Mary & Joseph; they too were refugees.  There is one profound addition to the painting:  if you look closely you will see two holes in the feet of the baby Jesus in his mother’s arms as they flee into Egypt.  You will also notice two holes in the feet of little Aylan.  It reminds us that Jesus continues to suffer with all who suffer in our world today.  Whenever we inflict pain or suffering on another; whenever we speak words of war and hatred, and not peace, whenever we mistreat another in word or deed, Jesus is once more nailed to the cross.  We heard last week of the chemical attack in Syria; we heard this morning on the news of 50,000 men, women and children urgently being evacuated from towns across Syria.  We heard words of war from North Korea.  The holes in Aylan’s feet remind us that the drama of Good Friday continues today.

(Extract from Fr. Derek’s Good Friday homily)







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