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January Prayer
Saturday, December 20th 2014

Lord our God, as the New Year begins, we place ourselves and those dear to us under the protection of Your providence.  Heavenly Father, we set out on the unknown  road of another year glad to have the opportunity to serve You in whatever way You wish.  Lord give us the grace to accept with quiet hearts whatever the New Year brings.  We thank you for the year just passed.  We offer the joys, the ups and downs, even the sorrows to Your Majesty in reparation for our sins and for the building of the Kingdom of Your Son Our Lord Jesus Christ in the hearts and minds of all people of good will.

Lord Jesus, the Magi brought You gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, symbols of Your godhead, kingship and future saving death.  May we learn from their profound respect to reverence You Jesus especially when we visit you in the church, attend Mass and receive You in Holy Communion.  As the Magi bowed before You so we genuflect before You hidden in the tabernacle.  We kneel or sit in silence listening to what you have to say to us, telling You of our needs and thanking You for the gifts You have given us.  Help us to pass on to our children the gift of reverence, silence and prayer in your presence.

Lord Jesus, with Pope Francis we pray that together with those consecrated to Your service in religious life, we may rediscover the joy of following You.  May we strive to serve You in our neighbour especially in the poor and disadvantaged, with renewed zeal.  Lord, as the conversion of St Paul brought the gentiles to unity with the church founded on Peter, we pray that Christians may strive towards that unity for which you prayed.  May there be one fold, and one shepherd, so that the world may believe in You, the one true God.

Jesus, You were baptised by John at the Jordan River so that You would be revealed to Israel as the Messiah long promised by the prophets.  We pray for the peoples of Israel and Palestine, that the land of Your birth may experience the peace that only You can give.  Mary, Holy Mother of God, we celebrate your divine maternity.  Intercede for us, O Queen of Peace, that those who are engaged in violence and warfare throughout the world may see the error of their ways and seek the ways of peace together.  We remember especially our own country and ask your prayers that the efforts made to cement the peace process in Northern Ireland may bear fruit.

Jesus, we thank you for choosing us by our Baptism to be members of Your Church, and for giving us good priests and bishops to lead and teach us.  May they be the instruments of your grace for us through the sacraments and to comfort us in times of need.  We pray for them, that they too will experience the love and support of the community they serve so generously. We remember especially Bishop Smith on the anniversary of his Episcopal ordination and ask that You keep him and all his priests faithful to their calling.  Jesus, remind them and us that they truly become You, Lord, and stand in Your place when they offer Holy Mass and administer the sacraments.  Jesus You told St. Faustina: “I only hide behind the priest”.  Help us to believe this with all our heart.

Holy Saints of God whose feasts we celebrate this month, pray for us that we learn to love Jesus as you did and strive to reach Heaven where we will exchange the sorrow of this valley of tears for joy without end.  Amen.




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