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Jesus’ entry in Jerusalem shows His own face
Thursday, May 9th 2013

This piece was reproduced by the students of Ashbourne Community School for reflection on Good Friday.

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If you look at this image of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, you will notice Jesus riding a donkey, his disciples watching him, one holding an olive branch of peace as he rides into Jerusalem, and other curious on-lookers who were on the scene.

The following is the reflection from Good Friday:


Broken—the jar of precious perfume,
broken—the promises of loyalty,
broken—the adulation of the crowds,
broken – the Passover bread,
broken—the dreams of disciples,
and Jesus is left alone
to face his death sentence.

Broken—in body and spirit,
broken—and crying out in anguish, broken—the dream of the Kingdom,
broken—and far from home,
broken—and giving up his life, and Jesus dies before soldiers,
and a few weeping friends.

Broken—the veil of the Temple,
broken—the power of sin and death,
broken—the power that oppresses,
broken—the sealed entrance to the tomb,
from all life’s broken places,
life rises up again and sings Alleluia.
— Ann Siddall



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