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March Prayer 2015
Wednesday, February 25th 2015

March prayer

Virgin Mary, you accepted the message of Gabriel the Archangel and humbly consented to become the Mother of God despite knowing that the scriptures foretold His Passion and death.  Help us to accept the will of God for our lives in the realisation that life is short and its trials will pass.

Help us to listen to the command of Jesus Your Son to love God and each other so that, having carried our crosses to the best of our abilities, we may merit to rise with Him to the joy and peace of Heaven.

Jesus, this month ends in the remembrance of Your triumphant entry into Jerusalem to undergo Your Passion and death which freed us from sin.  Grant us to know ourselves better and to do penance for our sins.  Give us the strength this Lent to persevere in our efforts to turn away from sin, to pray, fast and reach out to those in need in whatever way we can.

St. Joseph, patron of families, we ask your powerful protection for family life graced by the Sacrament of Matrimony, so threatened at this time.  Intercede for us that we may understand, appreciate and accept God’s plan for humanity exemplified in the mutual love and respect of The Holy Family of Nazareth.  We pray that scientific research and endeavours may serve the wellbeing of the whole person created in the image of God.

On the second anniversary of his election to the Papacy, we thank You Jesus for the gift of Pope Francis to lead Your Church.  With him, we pray that the contribution of women to evangelisation will continue and always be recognised by the Church.

With St. Cyril of Jerusalem, bishop and renowned catechist , we ask that the light of Your Holy Spirit imbue our parish catechists with inspiration, enthusiasm and love so that, our children and catechumens may come to the full knowledge of the truth, majesty, and  holiness of The Triune God.  May the children who receive the Sacrament of Confirmation this month  grow in the realisation of the power of Your infinite love and mercy for them and may the gifts of Your Holy Spirit uphold them as they try to live their lives in witness to the Gospel.

Dear Lord, as we celebrate the feast of our patron St. Patrick we thank You for the gift of faith transmitted to us down the ages often at the cost of much suffering.  Grant that the people of Ireland always remain faithful to the Catholic Faith.  Keep us safe in Your flock; raise up for us wise and holy priests to lead us and feed us with Your word and the Holy Eucharist and to reconcile us to You when we stray.  Lord, by actively listening to Your voice, may we, and Christians throughout the world, be the catalyst which causes us, our country and people everywhere to enter into your peace.  Amen.




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