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March Prayer
Sunday, March 2nd 2014

March Prayer

Lord our GoSt. Josephd in Your wisdom You have arranged a time for everything under Heaven, so, this month we enter once again into the holy season of Lent when Your Church proposes to us the means to come closer to You and our neighbour by prayer, penance, fasting, and alms giving.  We ask the help of Sts Joseph and Patrick in choosing our resolutions and putting them into practice with humility and perseverance.

Lord, when we pray give us a greater appreciation of our nothingness before Your majesty; when doing penance, knowledge of our sins and true repentance; when fasting and giving alms, the gift of temperance and deep gratitude for Your gifts to us.

 Mary, purest virgin, to whom the angel announced your great privilege of becoming the Mother of God incarnate, pray for us that our faith in Jesus Son of God, Your Son, our brother and saviour, may be strong and steadfast. Mary, gentle and strong woman, pray that all cultures will respect the dignity and rights of women who are so often maltreated and abused especially in war torn countries. Mary we ask your protection especially for them and their children.

 Lord Jesus this month we celebrate the first anniversary of the election of  Pope Francis, Your representative on earth.  Give him the strength to lead your flock in these difficult times of confusion and apostasy.  Grant him the support of faithful bishops and priests in presenting the beauty and challenge of the Gospel to a world in need of hope and love.  May his example inspire many young people to accept Your invitation to consecrate their lives to evangelisation at home and abroad.

 St. Joseph, protector of the child Jesus, help parents, guardians and teachers to bring up our children in the truth and the knowledge and love of Jesus.  Protect them from popular and subtle errors of this time so that our children may beSt. Patrickcome faithful and strong Christians and good citizens. St. Patrick pray for us and our country.

 Lord help us all to follow You no matter the cost so that we may come  in peace to the Joy of Easter. Amen




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