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Mass of Remembrance
Tuesday, November 20th 2018

This weekend our parish celebrated a Mass of Remembrance, praying particularly for families whose lives have been touched by grief through road traffic accidents, suicide, stillbirth and infant deaths.  During the Mass, the congregation prayed for the success of the work of ASAP – Ashbourne Suicide Awareness and Prevention, a local initiative which aims to offer a message of hope and support through information and initiatives for those who are suffering with their mental health in our community.

During his homily, Fr. Derek reflected, “…. loss comes in to our lives in many different ways: on the threshold of new life, or the end of a long life; it comes through tragedy or an accident,  the cold reality of war and conflict.  It comes through famine or natural disaster, it comes through suicide, or illness.  It will always find its own way into our lives.  What we share in common, is the reality of their absence.”

“As many of you know first hand, grief ignites difference responses in different people: anger, resentment, fear, withdrawal in to one self to mention a few, but grief can ignite within others a desire to offer others hope, a desire to make sure no one else has to suffer the way they suffered.”

“That is how ASAP came about and I am delighted to welcome Rosemary Conway, a founder member of ASAP here in Ashbourne.”

Rosemary shared, “This summer our community was devastated by some tragic losses and following a meeting of concerned people, the ASAP group was formed.   Our website has information on where to go for help, keep track of events, and we are currently working on a personal stories piece where we hope to inspire others and reassure them, that they are not alone.

Our mission statement is:
ASAP will strive to Educate, Inform and Inspire our community in the pursuit of achieving positive mental health, whilst adhering to norms of best practice in the sector.
I want to leave you some wise words from our leader, Eugene Kennedy,
 “Lets talk about depression, even on our good days”,
And always remember “Its ok not to be ok’.”



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