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Monthly Prayer, May 2011
Saturday, April 23rd 2011

The virgin MaryLord , as we begin the month of May dedicated to Your mother we reflect on the mysteries of Your love for us. Thank You Jesus for the suffering, death and resurrection through which You have restored us to the original dignity bestowed on us at creation, that of children of God.

Through Your Holy Spirit You have empowered us to overcome all obstacles in proclaiming Your Name to the whole world. With Mary Your Mother, who offered herself as handmaid to The Lord, we visit in prayer all who need material and spiritual help, and strength in trials. Help us to support the newly baptised as they learn to walk in His ways.

Mary Mother of Mercy who came to Fatima as the new Queen Esther of our times intercede for us with Jesus Divine Mercy Incarnate especially for the Church in China.

St Joseph perfect model of manhood, chaste husband and protector of The Virgin Mary, diligent provider for the Holy Family, beloved foster father of Jesus, hear our prayers for all who suffer hardships at home and abroad at this time. May they confidently rely on the providence of Jesus’ Divine Mercy to provide for all their needs.

Blessed Pope John Paul II from Our Father’s House we ask you to remember those of us still in exile. As Christ’s vicar and like the great apostle St. Paul you journeyed throughout the world proclaiming God’s Truth. Pray that those working in the communications media may respect the truth and honour the dignity of all the children of God. Amen.



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