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The New Parish Web Site Has Arrived
Friday, March 13th 2009

The Lenten Altar in Ashbourne Church.

The Lenten Altar in Ashbourne Church.

Welcome to our new website. The Parish Pastoral Council hope that the website will be a helpful and informative resource for the community. Over the coming months we will be building on this foundation.  There will be new areas of information of interest to the community added. We welcome submissions from groups and clubs in Ashbourne. We will also be including a directory of all businesses and services based in Ashbourne. This is a parish site serving the needs of our parishioners. Through it we hope to foster a strong sense of community spirit and pride in the place we live. There are many great talents within our parish working to develop our community for the good of all those living, working and in business here.

Forty years ago Pope Paul VI speaking on the challenges the media posed for the church said that ‘the church would feel guilty before the Lord if she did not utilize the powerful means the communications media constitute for it’. The internet in now the most widely used form of both communication and information gathering. We as a community now take up that challenge to promote our Christian values.

The Sunday Message contains readings and reflections for the week ahead. The weekly bulletin contains information on the latest happenings in the parish. The CI Lent link will lead to reflections and readings for each day of lent.



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