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November Parish Prayer
Friday, October 30th 2015

ctkChrist our King, Lord of the Universe, at the end of the liturgical year we thank You for the graces and blessings and even the trials of the past year in the knowledge that Your plan for our lives is the expression of Your will for our salvation.  Lord Jesus deepen our faith, strengthen our hope and enkindle our love for You and for our neighbour.  And so that we may reach the happiness You have prepared for us help up to love what You command even if at times it is difficult to stay on the narrow and stony path.

Mary, mother of all the saints help us to remain faithful to Jesus so as not to be numbered amongst those who caused His most intense suffering in Gethsemane because for them He  knew His death would be in vain.  Mother Mary keep us secure in your Immaculate Heart as we await the day when we will join our brothers and sisters in unimaginable happiness forever.  Meantime hear our prayers for the poor souls in Purgatory and remind them of our love for them as we remember them especially this month.

Jesus this present time is full of sorrow for so many who suffer want, war, disease, disaster, and the loss of family, friends, home and homeland.  Since we cannot help them directly, hear our prayers for them and grant that your angels may protect them as they attempt to rebuild their lives.

Mary, as we remember your presentation in The Temple of Jerusalem when at a tender age you dedicated your life to God, we ask your special intercession for pastors of God’s holy Church that they renew their commitment to love and tend the flock entrusted to them by Jesus so as to fill them with hope in His promises.  May the outcome of the Synod on The Family help pastors to support and encourage families to live their commitment to Jesus and to each other in faithfulness to His Gospel.  And that our lives may give witness to the love and welcome Jesus has for all people, help us to be open to dialogue with those whose faith differs from our own.

Lord Jesus, Your saints remind us of the many ways there are to serve You and that ordinary life lived to the best of our ability is the norm.  Not all are called to priesthood, religious life, martyrdom or heroic acts yet all of us are called to holiness.  Lord reward the heroism of those who struggle everyday to do the best for their families often in very difficult circumstances.  Help those who feel alone, abandoned, despised, ill, forgotten or just exhausted from the daily grind to find time out in which to experience in silence the knowledge that you are the all powerful God, the one true friend of our souls to Whom we can hand over the crosses of everyday life.  Help us all to understand that You have carried every burden  before us.

We ask the intercession of those saints whose feasts we celebrate this month and all the Saints of Ireland to come to our aid.  Lord we recall that St Andrew, Your first apostle,  through his discipleship of St. John the Baptist, came to know You as the beloved Son of God and who recruited Peter, his brother, whom You appointed head of  Your church.  Glory be to God the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit . Amen.




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