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November Prayer
Monday, November 5th 2012

Image of saintDear Lord, each year Your Church sets aside this special time to remember those who have gone before us marked with the sign of faith, and to remind us that the Church is a communion of the saints in Heaven, the faithful on earth and the suffering souls in Purgatory under You, Christ, The Universal King. And so, we pray for the holy souls that the Blood of Jesus offered on every altar of the world will bring them relief in their sufferings.

As we celebrate the feasts of all the saints, and especially all the saints of Ireland, we ask their intercession for our country that it may be preserved from evil and that the church remain united in the faith and love handed down to us through the generations.

We ask the help of those great teachers of the Church Sts. Leo and Albert that, in this Year of Faith, each of us may re commit to our baptismal promises and actively engage in sharing the gospel with unbelievers and in support for one another in following in the footsteps of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Holy saints of God, help us to recommit to daily family prayer, faithful participation in the weekly Eucharist and frequent confession of our sins as the surest means of attaining holiness and reaching our true home in Heaven.

Sts. Laurence O’Toole and Malachy intercede for our bishops that they be endowed with wisdom and courage to proclaim the gospel without fear or favour in these difficult times for the Church. Give them fatherly concern for our priests who share in the fullness of their priesthood and help all priests to live lives faithful to the Gospel and in loving obedience to the legitimate authority of our Holy Father the Pope, Christ’s Vicar on earth.

Lord, make us all poor in spirit to receive Your word in our hearts; meek and humble in acknowledging our sinfulness and need of Your forgiveness; hunger and thirst for what is right so as to work tirelessly for the establishment of Your kingdom on earth; rich in mercy for all who suffer through war, famine, disease, disaster, debt, unemployment and persecution; pure, gentle and peaceable so that we may deserve to be called children of God and be an example to all who seek You with a sincere heart.

Mary our mother, as we recall your presentation in the temple as a young child accompanied by Joachim and Anne, help all parents to support their children in choosing Jesus as the only source of true happiness and peace. Amen.



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