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Parish Congratulations!
Thursday, July 7th 2011

The Parish Family Mass Group recently celebrated its 10th Anniversary. Established initially by Giovanna Feeley, the team is made up of volunteers both men and women who give their time each week to teach the Gospel to the children and explain it in their own words.

The children are divided into two rooms ages 4-7 and 8-12 years which allows the team reach all ages at the level that helps them understand what is going on. They listen to the story and discuss what it means for them. They also complete an activity sheet relating to the story they have heard.

We also have some teenage volunteers who we hope may someday develop as leaders in the Family Mass Group. During the celebration of Sunday Eucharist, the children present the gifts during the offertory and encourage the congregation to pray through sign and song, the Lord’s Prayer.

Volunteers are always welcome and can contact the Family Mass Group through the Parish Office 01 835 3149.

The parish would like to express its gratitude to all involved in the Family Mass Group: volunteers, children and parents.

Below are some photos taken of the Family Mass celebrations and of the Family Mass Nativity play. Click an image to enlarge it or to start a slideshow:



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