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Parish Prayer April 2016
Friday, March 25th 2016

Heavenly Father we have celebqwrated the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Your only Son and our Redeemer and now we present ourselves and our loved ones to You in the Name of Jesus to receive Your Divine Mercy.

Jesus, when You appeared  to Your Apostles on the eight day after Your resurrection, You breathed on them and conferred on them the power to forgive sins in Your Name.  For two thousand years now Your Church has had the unique privilege of absolving repentant sinners and restoring  them to You grace.  And in these last times you have stressed the importance of  Your Mercy as you said to St. Faustina “Mankind will not have peace until it turns with trust  to My mercy and …out of Poland will come the spark that will prepare the world for My final  coming.  My Mercy excludes no one and …. is the last hope of  salvation.“  Lord You made it so easy for us by telling us that You only hide behind the priest when You came in person under the guise of the priest to hear Faustina’s confession.  Lord give us the gift of humility so that like Mary Magdalen we may experience the freedom and joy of Your Mercy.  Lord Jesus imbue Your priests with great love for and devotion to the sacrament of penance so that no sinner who sincerely wishes to return to You may go un absolved.

Mary, who showed yourself to Faustina as the Mother of priests, envelop them in a mantle of holiness and embue them with enthusiasm for finding the lost sheep, the travellers who fall amongst thieves, and the weak lambs in need of being carried.  Dear Mary we rejoice with you as we contemplate the Archangel announcing to you the amazing news that a human being is to become the Mother of God: that God Himself will come as the long promised Messiah, the very Lamb of God, to be sacrificed once and for all that we might ever after be fed with His very Body and Blood as a guarantee of our eternal life.  Mary, dear mother, pray for us that we may always approach the Holy Eucharist with reverence and devotion mindful that we hold Jesus in our hearts just as you held Him in your arms.

As this month of April unfolds we rejoice and thank You our Creator for  in the advent of Spring when foliage reappears and all nature recommences the cycle of life.  We delight in the extra long days, the colours, the chirping of the little birds busy about nest building and the lambs skipping in the fields reminding us of The Lamb of God.

Lord we pray to You for the needs of all throughout the world, our own families and our country.  With Pope Francis we ask that You support all those who work to feed us from the produce of the land especially small farmers.  We ask You also through the intercession of St. Mark the Evangelist to hear our prayers for the  Christian peoples of Africa that despite political and religious conflicts they may witness to faith in Jesus Christ and love of God and neighbour.  Lord Jesus we ask the protection of your Precious Blood especially for all Christians in these times of war and strife.  We ask for eternal rest for the dead, healing for the injured, freedom for captives and sanctuary for refugees.  We ask that with the help of Your grace out politicians may be able to form a good and stable government which recognises especially the needs of those who lack the basics necessities of life such as a home and food and the means to provide for themselves and their families.  Lord may true justice prevail over ideologies and narrow sectoral interests that all may work honestly for the common good. Jesus we trust in You.

Blessed Michael Archangel pray for us in these troubled times.

Our Lady of Knock Pray for Ireland. Amen.




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