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Parish Prayer August 2015
Monday, August 3rd 2015


Lord our God, You are ever near us day and night whether we are at home or abroad, and in a tangible way in The Blessed Sacrament in The Tabernacle.  Help us to remember that we can call on Your help anytime and that You wait for us to answer Your invitation to visit You each Sunday and every day if possible.

Lord, we are united in a special way with Bishop Michael through the Annual Diocesan celebration of the dedication of The Cathedral of Christ the King.  We ask especially for the guidance of The Holy Spirit for our bishop, priests and deacons and all the people of the diocese through the intercession of St Bartholomew apostle and St. Lawrence deacon and martyr.

Lord Jesus, at the transfiguration on Mount Tabor before You suffered You showed Yourself in glory to Peter, James and John to strengthen them to witness the torture of Your passion and death.  Jesus, we ask that You comfort and strengthen all who are being persecuted and tortured for their loyalty to You.

Mary, virgin mother of Jesus, how you must have longed to join Jesus in His ascension to heaven yet, you submitted to His will that you be the anchor, support, guide and solace of His apostles as they began their mission to the whole world.  How they must have grieved to know that you would no longer be with them yet they rejoiced in the knowledge of your Assumption into heaven where they, and now we, revere you as Queen of The Universe and our Mother.  At Knock you came with your spouse St. Joseph and St. John to remind us that Jesus is the Lamb of God , the sacrifice Who takes away our sins.  You were silent there because, as you told us elsewhere, you give precedence to you Son.  Lord, we know that we are unique and blessed to have had such a reminder of the centrality of The Eucharist to our lives.  Our Lady of Knock pray for us and for the survival of the faith in our country.

Lord Jesus, we seek the help of Pope St Pius X, and St Peter Julian Eymard that the holy sacrifice of the Mass be offered with great reverence here and throughout the world and that Your Most Precious  Body and Blood be received with profound respect and Humility, deep faith and ardent love.  Lord, remind us that it is only in silence that we can hear Your voice.  Jesus, mindful of the need to present ourselves as best we can before Your holy table we ask that all of us, both priests and people become ever more aware of the gift of Your forgiveness available to us in the sacrament of penance.  We recall the conversion of St. Augustine who at his conversion lamented “How late have I loved thee”.  Lord through the example of St John Mary Vianney who spent his life in the confessional we ask the grace of conversion for ourselves and all who are in need of Your Divine Mercy.

You told us Jesus , that we must practice mercy in some form or forfeit Your Mercy for us so we pray that we, and all who volunteer in good work, may give ourselves generously to the needy and, that setting self aside, we may learn to be true neighbours to those on the margins of human life and society.

Jesus meek and humble of heart make our hearts like Thine. Amen




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