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Parish Prayer January 2017
Tuesday, January 3rd 2017

567The old year has passed and the new has begun.  It is full of promise and the unknown.  God’s plans for us are great and full of surprises.  All we have to do is to listen in the silence of our hearts to what He wants to tell us.  Jesus told the disciples “As for the Pharisees—do what they tell you but do not do what they do”.  In other words, we are to be examples of living faith to all whom we meet.  At our Confirmation we received the commission to go out to the whole world with Jesus’ message.  This commission is not reserved to priests, religious and missionaries.  It is addressed to all.  Do you commemorate and celebrate your baptism and confirmation days?  Why not do so this year.

 Lord, thank you for the past year with its joys, sorrows, successes and failures.  The new year means a new start.  No matter how difficult last year was, I submit myself to Your loving care, and, trusting in Your mercy, begin again striving to stay on the narrow path which leads to eternal life.  Jesus, I resolve to live day by day; to honour and love You our God then to love my neighbour.  Help me to be faithful to daily prayer, weekly Mass and regular confession; to be patient, kind, generous with my time and talents, and charitable in speaking of others.  Help me to provide for my family, to be caring, gentle and thoughtful to my spouse; to cherish, direct and guide my children, to look out for my elderly relatives and neighbours and to live peaceably with all.  When needed, help me to humbly and gratefully accept the help of others.  Lord I wish to bring the good news of salvation to those I meet.  Help me to know You better by reading the scriptures weekly and to share my faith when the opportunity arises.  Instead of frittering away time on computers and phones help me to pursue healthy alternatives with my family and friends and contribute to building up the Christian community in the process.  Thank You for the priests who guide us and give their lives for us.

May the saints whose feasts we celebrate this month guide and protect us and our country. Amen




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