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Parish Prayer July 2015
Friday, June 26th 2015

fjghgLord Jesus another year has passed and the well earned holidays have begun.  We pray that all may travel safely and that the summer may be a time of rest and relaxation to be spent in the company of family and friends.  We especially commend to Your loving care those entering the world of work for the first time and we ask the guidance of the Holy Spirit for those choosing a career or who are discerning a vocation to the priesthood or religious life.

Heavenly Father we thank You for all Your gifts to us and especially for the food we eat.  Thank you for the rain which waters crops and animals and for the sunshine which ripens fruits and grain and which gives light and colour to our lives and to all creation.

Lord Jesus, this month we ask the protection of Your Most Precious Blood for us and for our country.  We ask the intercession of St. Oliver Plunkett, bishop and martyr, that mutual respect and civil restraint prevail especially in Northern Ireland.

Jesus, as we remember the Saints Thomas and Mary Magdalen, we contemplate on the mystery of Your presence amongst us and how You showed Yourself to Your disciples after Your Resurrection.  Though we cannot see You in the flesh as they did and at times we may doubt, as did Thomas, we take comfort in Your words: “ Blessed are they who have not seen and yet believe”.  Lord, Martha and Mary were lavish in their hospitality to You and your apostles and Mary hung on Your every word.  Help us to realise that time spent at Mass or in private prayer is an encounter with You in which You speak to our hearts and reveal Your secrets to our souls.  Help us also to continue the great Irish custom of hospitality in the knowledge that, as St .Faustina discovered, and as had Abraham before her, in offering hospitality to a stranger one may entertain even God Himself in disguise.  Help us to be aware that not every body can go on holiday perhaps through lack of means or illness.  Make us generous in sharing our time to bring companionship and laughter to those most in need of a visitor.

We pray with Pope Francis that in conjunction with Latin American Christians we may all bear witness to love for the poor and contribute to a more fraternal society and that political responsibility may be lived at all levels as a high form of charity.  Lord, many in our country are homeless or in danger of losing their homes through no fault of their own.  Jesus, as You experienced homeless at Your birth we beg You to intervene on behalf of those who urgently need suitable permanent accommodation and for relief from stress for those who are in fear of being evicted.

Mary, Lady of Mount Carmel we entrust ourselves to your special protection and we ask that you intercede for us to obtain for us the graces and blessings we need as individuals and as God’s Church.  We ask in particular for our conversion and for the conversion of sinners everywhere.  We commend to you especially those condemned to death for heinous crimes and those suffering for the faith.  We ask  for them also the intercession of St James and the Chinese Martyrs.  Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us.  Amen





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