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Parish Prayer June 2016
Thursday, July 28th 2016

TransHoly Spirit of God, spirit of love, joy and peace, fall anew on each of us to enable us to discern the truth of our being before You the one true almighty God.  At this time of great confusion, deception and worldwide upheaval be our guiding light on the narrow road to eternal life.  Be our strength in the hour of our testing.  Be our shelter from the many assaults of the enemy and our sweet rest on the journey.  Holy Spirit, enlighten us as to our role in the drama of life which You assign to each of us and direct us how to play it.

Lord, summer holidays are for relaxation and renewal of body, mind and spirit for families and individuals.  We ask Your protection for those who travel and harmony amongst all as families enjoy time together. May holidays also be a time when families make time to pray together thanking You for Your gifts especially that of companionship.  Lord, for those who are alone, deserted or poor we beg the help of good neighbours to bring friendship, fun and material help to those who cannot take a break away from home.  Lord, help us all to realise that people are more important than material possessions.  Jesus, sports are about fun, friendship and healthy exercise.  May our young people be imbued with the true spirit of sportsmanship and learn to accept loosing as well as to celebrate winning.  May those involved in training and guiding young people never allow sports fixtures to usurp the place of Sunday Eucharist.  Help all to realise that sports  events can become an authentic opportunity for Christian witness and the promotion of peace, harmony and love of neighbour.

Jesus, You took Peter, James and John up Mount Tabor to show them Your Glory as the Son of God, the fulfilment of the Law and the Prophets, witnessed by the presence of Moses, to whom You gave the Ten Commandments, and of Elijah, the great prophet through whom You killed all the prophets of the false god Baal.  May this feast of The Transfiguration which we celebrate this month remind us that we ought to listen to and to obey You the True God.

Mary, Virgin Mother of God and our mother we remember Your Assumption into heaven body and soul, to be reunited with Jesus Who had already ascended there and where we hope to be one day also.  Pray for us that we may never give up trying to do what Jesus tells us to do.  Pray for us Mary that we may find the strength to stand out from the crowd when necessary no matter what the cost to our image.  Help us to remember that our true image is to be a copy of Jesus and that the cross is always in sight. Mother of the Church, remember your children who have strayed, those persecuted and those for whom life is difficult, those whose countries are ravaged by war, famine, disease and disaster of all kinds.  Take them into your Immaculate Heart and comfort them.

Sts. Pius X , Eymard, and John Vianney and all the saints whose feasts we celebrate this month help us to appreciate the great gifts of the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Penance and to avail of them often.  May all of us be found worthy one day to join with our Bishop Michael in the celebration  of the Kingship of Christ in the Kingdom of Heaven.  Meantime, Eternal God we offer You the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ offered on every altar of the world for the conversion of sinners and the relief of the holy souls in Purgatory.  Amen.




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