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Parish Prayer June 2016
Monday, May 30th 2016

bvnDear Lord, summer is here with exams for students, and the promise of holidays away from home for those who can afford them.  It is time for those who have finished studies to decide on the future – to continue studying or start work – and for others, marriage or religious vows are near: decisions to be made which will profoundly affect our lives not just for tomorrow but forever.

Holy Trinity of love help us to live our earthly lives to the best of our ability as our apprenticeship for Heaven.  Let us follow the example and enlist the help of those who have gone before us and know the way.

This month we commend to St Aloysius Gonzaga ,( a young Jesuit novice who died from plague while caring for the sick), nurses, and medical personnel who risk their lives to care for those stricken by epidemics and wounded in conflicts throughout the world.  Lord grant also that his joyful service may inspire and encourage seminarians and religious novices and those who mentor them.

May lawyers who defend those unjustly condemned to death or imprisonment have the martyr lawyer St Thomas More to direct them.

We recall the aged, the alone and those suffering in so many ways and commend them to the care of the martyrs of Rome and Ireland who trod that painful path before them.  Holy Spirit inspire the leaders of the world to reach out to those fleeing war, disaster and religious persecution.  Dear Lord, grant eternal rest to those who have died, comfort to the bereaved, freedom to captives and sanctuary to refugees.

As those received into the church at Easter, and the children of the parish have been confirmed and received their First Holy Communion grant Lord that under the protection of St Ireneaus and with the support of their parents and catechists they may continue to grow in a correct understanding of the Gospel and the Commandments so as to worship and serve You in spirit and in truth.

Through the  intercession of Sts Peter and Paul and St.Columcille raise up holy priests to serve your people  here and overseas now and into the future.

Sacred Heart of Jesus one with the Father in a Trinity of Love help us to make a special effort to love you and each other during  this month dedicated to You.

Immaculate Heart of Mary spouse of the Holy Spirit teach us to love Jesus.  Help those who so little value human life to rethink their positions, motives and actions that all life may be respected from the first moment of conception to natural death.

Sacred Heart of Jesus we trust in You .

Immaculate Heart of Mary pray for us and our beloved country.  Amen

Immaculate Heart of Mary Pray for us. Amen

Immaculate heart of Mary pray for us.




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