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Parish Prayer March 2017
Monday, February 27th 2017

Ashbourne-Donaghmore Parish

March Prayer

 ‘A praying parish is a growing parish; a growing parish is a praying parish’.  Please join our parish community uniting with one another in prayer this month to pray for the following intentions:

*That the Lord will enlighten us as to how we need to change in our relationship towards Him and towards our neighbour.

*For those of our family members who have strayed from the straight and narrow path that with the support of our prayers and the prompting of their Guardian Angels they may rediscover the right road.

*For those members of our community who have not come to church for a very long time or who may come irregularly that they may hear the call of the Good Shepherd and  return to experience the joy of His forgiveness.

*For those in our community addicted to drink, drugs, gambling or antisocial behaviour that they may feel welcome here and supported in their efforts to become free of their addiction.

*For our catechumens that the example of our

community and the support of our prayers may give them courage to commit to Christ.

Thank You Lord for hearing our prayers .Amen

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be.




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