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Parish Prayer May 2016
Friday, April 29th 2016


Most Holy Mary, Jesus’ Mother and ours, we contemplate your privileges.

Virgin of Virgins, Mary Immaculate, Mother of Christ our God, Creator, and Saviour, help us to imitate your purity of mind, heart and body .

Ark of the Covenant, refuge of sinners, merciful and powerful before God intercede for your children that we may be found worthy to enter Heaven, the house of gold.

Comforter of the afflicted, help of Christians, Queen of martyrs, pray for persecuted Christians.  Health of the sick lay your gentle hand on the sick that they may be able patiently to bear their sufferings.

Queen of Confessors, pray for priests that they may resemble Jesus in gentleness, humility, zeal and mercy.

Queen of all saints, accompany parents as they try to raise their children in the love of God and neighbour.

Queen of peace assumed into heaven, obtain for us the virtue of perseverance as we celebrate The Ascension of the Lord.  Help us and the children who will receive Jesus’ Body and Blood for the first time to do so reverently that we may experience that peace which God alone can give.

Cause of our joy, daughter of the Father, Spouse of the Holy Spirit, Mother of the Son of God, help us to appreciate our Baptism into the family of God in the Most Holy Trinity and that our journey’s end is heaven.

Queen of Apostles and the most Holy Rosary. help us to share the Gospel with all those we meet.  Pray for us and for women that they be respected and esteemed as God intended.

Queen of Heaven and Earth, Lady of Fatima help us to be open to the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Amen




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