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Sunday Message 30th May 2010 The Most Holy Trinity
Saturday, May 29th 2010

It’s a mystery John 16:12-15
The events in today’s Gospel take place just before the passion of Jesus. He has told the disciples many things but he is aware that to tell them everything would be too much for them to understand. Even at this point, despite all he has tought them, they still don’t understand everything. Jesus’ teaching is not enough to stop them from running away only a few hours later when confronted by the soldiers at the time of his arrest.

What this Gospel points to is the fact that just as it was difficult for the disciples to understand what Jesus was saying to them, there are aspects of our faith that are difficult for us to comprehend too. The doctrine of the Trinity, the idea of three persons in one God, is one of the mysteries that is especially difficult for us to grasp, and yet we know it to be true and that it is at the very centre of our faith.

Each time you make the Sign of the Cross, think about what you are doing and the words that you say.

Say these words slowly and prayerfully: Father, we love you, we worship and adore you, Jesus, we love you, we worship and adore you, Spirit, we love you, we worship and adore you.


  • Mystery is part of faith
  • The Holy Trinity is a relationship of love, a model of how we are to relate to each other
  • The relationship between Father, Son and Holy Spirit gives us a glimpse into the inner life of God

Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Two professors from the seminary were walking along the beach discussing the mystery of God and not making much progress. They came across a young boy who had dug a hole in the hard sand and was running back and forth to the sea, filling his toy bucket with water and emptying it into the hole. They asked the lad what he was doing. Very seriously, he told them he was emptying the ocean into the hole he had dug in the sand. They smiled and moved off, resuming the discussion about God. After a while one of them said; “You know, we’re no different from that child. It is impossible for us to grasp in our little minds the huge mystery of God, just as it is impossible for that child to empty the huge ocean into the hole… The doctrine of the Trinity is impossible for us to grasp with our little minds because it is such a huge mystery.”
The story speaks of the great gulf there is between faith and reason and how difficult it is to grasp the concept of the Trinity. Faith is not something we can tie down. At times we think we understand and at other times it’s a complete mystery. In a sense that is why it’s a gift. If we could understand everything we might be overwhelmed by the greatness of God and we would no longer be people who live by faith. Down the centuries many attempts have been made to explain the mystery of the Trinity. It is said that St. Patrick used the shamrock to show the nature of the Trinity, a community of love in which all are equal. It is an image of how we are called to live as the community of Church.



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