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The New Translation — “The Word of the Lord”
Friday, July 22nd 2011

Did you know that the translation of the Mass which we currently use is going to change? Over the coming weeks we will have short articles which will help us understand what these changes are and why they have come about.

‘The Word of the Lord’

At the end of the readings and the Gospel at Mass, we are used to hearing ‘This is the Word of the Lord’; ‘This is the Gospel of the Lord’. In the new translation, the words ‘This is’ are now left out and we will hear ‘The Word of the Lord’ and ‘The Gospel of the Lord’.

One of the reasons is that the Latin does not include ‘This is’. But there is more to it than that. If the priest or deacon lifts the book and says ‘This is’, it can suggest that he is talking about the book itself. In fact, he is talking about the Word of God – which is alive and active.

The words at the end of the readings are announcing a great event. They are telling us that God has spoken; that Christ is present, as previously mentioned in the “Four Presences of Christ in the Mass”.

Our responses are not changing: ‘Thanks be to God’, & ‘Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ’. Through these words we acknowledge that what we have heard is, indeed, the Word of God.

For more about the Word of the Lord, see ‘Verbum Domini’ by Benedict XVI.



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