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Welcome to Ashbourne Donaghmore Parish

Welcome to the Ashbourne Donaghmore website. We see ourselves as a parish without walls, a parish that reaches out to and welcomes everybody. While the parish has to attend to day to day things, essentially it is about deeper things of the heart. Read More »

"Go deeper than love, for the soul has greater depths, love is like the grass, but the heart is deep wild rock molten, yet dense and permanent". (DH Lawrence, taken from "Dive Deeper" by Michael Paul Gallagher.)

We look forward to hearing from you because we want to listen and engage with you and your concerns and issues. We hope you will get the information you need on this website, but also that all of us will hear the good news of God's great love for us.

While all of us want to share the kind of parish we want -

"The real pastoral problem is simply to make a parish want the right thing, to instil in it a yearning for Christ. Then the rest will follow". (Carlo Maria Martini)

The real question is what kind of parish does God want Ashbourne Donaghmore parish to be.

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Sunday, March 24 2019
RCIA – First Scrutiny

This weekend the parish celebrated the First Scrutiny of RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation) with the ‘Elect’ who are continuing their preparation to be received into the Church on Holy Saturday through the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and First Eucharist.  They are pictured with their Godparents, Sponsors and Fr. Derek.

Sunday, March 24 2019
In Grateful Appreciation!

This weekend the parish paid tribute to a long-serving member of our parish.  Martin Moore takes a step back from parish life as a Minister of Holy Communion, Collector, Counter and Sacristan for many years.  We are indebted to him for his selfless dedication, deep faith, and steadfast commitment to his parish during those years.  His commitment to parish life is an inspiration and we pray the Lord will reward him for his service and loyalty to the Gospel.

Friday, March 15 2019
St. Patrick’s Day Mass Schedule


6pm Vigil Mass


Ashbourne – 9am, 11am, 12.30pm

Donaghmore – 10am


No 7.30am Mass

10am Mass

Monday, March 11 2019
RCIA – Rite of Election

This weekend, the First Sunday of Lent, our Catechumens and their Godparents joined Bishop Tom in Mullingar as they celebrate The Rite of Election where their names are enrolled in the ‘Book of the Elect’.  They will celebrate the remaining ‘scrutinies’ associated with the RCIA at Sunday Masses during Lent.  We would like to express our thanks to our catechists who support, instruct and encourage them during their time of prayer, preparation and reflection.  We invite parishioners to support our Catechumens (now known as ‘The Elect’) preparing to be received into the Church on Holy Saturday night through the Sacraments of Baptism, First Eucharist and Confirmation.

Monday, March 11 2019
Altar Servers’ Awards

Congratulations to the boys and girls whose commitment to the celebration of Sunday Eucharist was acknowledged at Masses last weekend.  Servers were awarded the St. Patrick, St. Michael and St. Stephen medals according to their length of service, dedication and prayerfulness at Mass.   Pictured below are some of the servers with Fr. Derek and Fr. Ciarán.

Friday, March 8 2019
Altar Servers Awards 2019

Congratulations to all the servers of our parish who received awards this weekend in recognition of their length of service, commitment, reverence, prayerfulness and good example.

St. Patrick’s Medal: Mia Bruun, Philip Carragher, Zak Dennehy, Grace Heneghan, Aidan Keogh, Jakub Markievicz, Eleanor McGeever, Aimee Molloy, Kate Moss, Katie O’ Connell, Dara O’ Sullivan, Abigail Puthuppillil, Nathan Roach, Eleanor, Whelan, Emma Wilkie, Ross Wilson.

St. Michael’s Medal: Thomas Elmes, Jeules Elliott, Lukas Felten, Jamie Fennelly, David Kinahan, Conor Lawless, Kate Lawless, David Mc Carthy, Róisín Ní Thuathail, Amy Richardson, Keeva Thomas.

St. Stephen’s Medal: Jake Dennehy, Hannah Lynam, Isabelle O’ Brien, Niall O’ Sullivan, Joedev Puchon.

Our thanks to our Altar Server’s Team who care for and support our servers with great pastoral care and encouragement throughout the year.  We also take this opportunity to welcome the new members who joined the Altar Server’s Team in recent weeks.  Thank you to our Safeguarding Team who support the ministry of Altar Servers in our Parish.


Friday, March 8 2019
Candlelight Concert

Wednesday, March 6 2019
Parish Lenten Schedule



Join us for Morning prayer every morning (Mon-Sat) at 9.40am.



Church of the Immaculate Conception, Ashbourne

7.30am & 10am (Mon-Sat)



Praying the Stations of the Cross will take place every Friday during the season of Lent in Ashbourne Church, 7-8pm.  All welcome.



Saturday  10.30am


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