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Prayer for the Lenten Journey
Lord, be with me during my Lenten journey.
Let me be honest with myself, let me see everything that is wrong with my soul and my heart and admit my shortcomings and sins.

Lord, show me what I should change in my life and please fill my heart with patience, gratitude, and peace.
Please teach me to accept others and show my love to them.

Heavenly Father, please give me the strength to keep my promises and to get closer to you through prayers and good works.
In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Lenten Wilderness Space – Week 1
The Lenten Journey: (1st Sunday / Week of Lent)

This area (see photo below) represents the desert.

Traditionally in the Bible the desert is seen as a place of disorder and chaos.
Each of us come to Lent with our own disorder and chaos.

We ask the Lord through our Lenten promises to focus our minds so our own deserts will change and blossom.

Lenten Wilderness Space – Week 2
The Lenten Journey: (2nd Sunday / Week of Lent)

Cactus appears in our Lenten Wilderness space.

As each of us makes our way through Lent green shoots of positive change rise up within us as a result of our Lenten promises. 

Change is always difficult.  The Cactus symbolises the sparse nature of this change at first and how thorny it can feel. 
Nevertheless we journey on in trust.

Baptisms: For booking/information on Baptisms, please contact the Parish Office:
Telephone: 01 8353149

Available here is the Baptism Booking Form.

Parish Sacramental Programme
Ashbourne Donaghmore Parish holds Sacramental Preparation Classes for Catholic children who attend a school where Catholic Religious Instruction for Sacraments is not on the Curriculum.

If you wish your child to prepare for First Holy Communion and Confirmation a two-year Sacramental Preparation Programme must be completed.

Classes are held in the Parish Hall after school hours. New classroom arrangements are in place to comply with Government requirements during the current pandemic situations.

If you have not returned your form, please do immediately. 
Post box for complete forms is available at the door of the Parish Office or forms may be posted to the office also.

Places this year will be allocated on a first come first served basis. 
Covid Restrictions mean that class groups must be smaller than previous years, and even though we are moving to the Parish Hall for greater space, there must be a strict limit on numbers.

For more information please contact the Parish Office which is contactable:
Monday – Friday 9.30am – 2pm
by telephone: 01 8353149
or e-mail:

Further resources:

Supervision for this programme is required. 
We would be grateful if any parents are available to assist with supervision for this programme. 
The required documents for supervision are listed below:
– Declaration Form – Declaration-Form.
– Garda Vetting Form – Garda Vetting-ID-Form [link to download from the Meath Diocesan Website].
– Volunteer Form – Volunteer-Form.

World Day of the Sick – Our Lady of Lourdes
11th February 2021

Bishop Tom’s Christmas Message 2020

Cemetery Sunday 2020 – Blessing of the Graves took place on Sunday 31st May.
See Video of this in the ‘Featured Videos‘ section tab of our Parish Cam/Webcam:




Ashbourne Parish Hall



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